I prefer to work with fiction and nonfiction. In fiction, I specialize in Romance and its subgenres. I also work with fictional fantasy, crime thriller and suspense. At this stage I do not take sci-fi or horror.

Get a sample Edit!

Copy and Line Editing
Web and blog editing
Newsletters / Articles / Essays

Sample Edit:

I can provide a sample edit of any three chapters/8,000 words for $50AUD.

Should you wish to proceed I ask a further deposit to be deducted from the final cost of the project.


This may be all an author who has already been published and is confident of their writing and story craft, looking for an independent professional to assist them clean and polish their manuscript until it gleams.

Proofreading  is also a good option for contest entrants looking for another opinion before submitting to contests. As awesome as our critique buddies are, an objective outsider can identify typos and other issues so marks are not unnecessarily lost.

Are you submitting your manuscript to an agent or publisher? Make sure your work stands out from the crowd. Either of the editing options I offer will help you present a polished and well formatted work which allows your story to shine.

When I proof read I check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, dialogue conventions…

Copy and Line editing:

This includes all the elements of proofreading as well as continuity, flow, order of action and consequence and other writing techniques.

Each piece will be supported with overall thoughts and feedback as well as marked up text.

Web and Blog editing / proofreading

Clarity and accuracy is imperative in any communication, especially your website and blog. I can go through your website page by page and ensure that it is accurate and reads well. I can also view your blog posts before you post them. Blog posts that are educational and/or express your opinions are the foundation of your platform. I can help you make sure they are say what you want them to with clarity and specificity, and present you professionally. We can strengthen your reader’s interest in you, what you have to say and who you are. Please contact me to discuss pricing.

Newsletters / Articles / Essays

As with blog posts, newsletters, articles and Essays are all about expressing your thoughts and communicating them to others. They form the basis of opinion about you and your organisation. It is worth having a professional check these keys areas before you publish them.


Brochures are the backbone of corporate image. Your designer may have sorted out the best look and style for your brochure but let me help you ensure it has the accuracy and clarity you need to ensure your customers properly understand you.

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