Welcome to my world, a world of wonderful words!

Let me tell you a little about me and why you might choose me to help polish your words.

Call me crazy but I love editing. Small oversights, mistakes and anomalies  jump out and beg me to smooth over their rough edges, refine their message, convey your ideas with clarity and precision.

For thirty years I worked with the words of professionals in a wide variety of fields such as the law, commerce and insurance and the sciences, (including a fascinating nine years with specialist veterinary pathologists).

Each new challenge has deepened my vocabulary, my understanding and sharpened my appreciation for how vital accuracy, specificity and clarity are. The poet in me loves to take the fundamental skills of a copy editor / proof reader and listens deeper down to cadence and rhythm.

Since surrendering to the writer inside, I’ve learned to appreciate a broad range of literary genres, story structures and the fine art of the wordsmith.

I’ve learned to be sensitive to creative style, to protect your unique voice and to pay close attention to detail. Each is as necessary as the other when assisting with the production of work to the level expected of a professional author. I have particular interest and experience with the conventions of Romance and its subgenres.

Let me help you polish your:

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Should you require further information, please contact me at: zoe.r.younger@gmail.com

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